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...brougham. it may be draining my battery.? I think my battery is being drained by the factory alarm on my 87 cadillac fleetwood brougham. The alarm does'nt work but when the car is turned off the light on the dash stays on or blinks "security alarm". I would really appreciate if some one could tell me how to disable it and if it is draining my battery. Thanks for whatever help you can supply

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Before casting a stone...

Power drains are funny things.

Often times something that appears obvious, may not be the culprit.

The alarm system on your car when in a stand-by state, as with the ignition switch off, shouldn't draw more than a couple of tenths of an amp. Not enough to drain the battery unless it sits for long periods of time. If it goes down significantly over the course of a night or two, I'd suspect a short to ground (where a hot wire rubs through the insulation and grounds out, or a switch[ignition switch can sometimes do this too]/relay goes bad producing the same effect), or perhaps the charging circuit on the alternator is staying activated after the ignition switch is shut off.

I know it's probably not what you wanted to hear.

Buy a repair guide. They are worth their weight in gold. Buy a multi tester, which can be bought at nearly any auto parts store, usually for under 20 bucks. Also worth it's weight.

Test the battery first to set a base-line voltage. Always use a ground from the frame or engine block for the best readings.

With the ignition ON test the power wire, then ground wire to the accessory/sensor you want to test, then with the ignition OFF do the same. The ground should ALWAYS read zero, both on and off. The power wire: some things like your alarm should stay roughly the same. Some things like your alternator should read battery voltage when the ignition switch is on, but zero with it off (some accessories and most sensors may/will read less than battery voltage with the switch on). You'll have to turn on certain things, like your air conditioning to test the pump clutch.

Follow up with any questions or abberant readings, I/We'll be happy to help as much as possible.
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