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Alright guys, I have our monthly spot all picked out.

Save the date...........February 28. That's the last day of the month and it's also a Saturday.

The idea...........Cruise out to the Sam Houston Statue.

If you don't know where that is, it's in Huntsville.

Have you ever driven 45N to Dallas? If you have, you have seen the statue.

We will meet up around Noon. Wwe will then cruise up to the statue and chill for a while. They have a little park there with plenty of parking spots for us. There is a gift shop, you can even walk out to the statue. You CANNOT park on side of the road in front of the statue for pics though.

When we leave the statue, there is a church about 5 miles from there that serves BBQ. Pretty good BBQ also. Here is a list of prices and the meats they serve:


1 Meat Plate $9.50
2 Meat Plate $10.50
3 Meat Plate $11.00
All You Can Eat.....................Yes you read that right.......................ALL YOU CAN EAT $15.00

They take cash(of course), Credit Cards, and Checks.

If you want to read reviews on their BBQ, just do a internet search:;_ylt=...h&fr=ytff1-dyc

They have been in many magazines.

We will meet up at Greenpoint Mall at 1200pm. That way, we will miss all of the traffic that is usually on 45N.
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