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I'm looking for the number of miles to the gallon for highway driving only. Not really interested in city driving statistics. A friend of mine would be driving the described vehicle from Edmonton Canada to Las Vegas Nevada, a total of 1500 miles or 2415 kilometers. We are simply trying to figure out how many tanks of gas with this vehicle it would take to get there. Also, if anyone knows the approximate price of regular fuel in the U.S. that would be helpful as well. That way we could get a rough idea of the fuel cost involved in driving 1500 miles on the highway. Also, please, no partial answers to these questions, otherwise I'm going to have to sift through 80 answers if you know what I mean ? If you know the answers to all of the above questions, please answer and thank you so much for your help.

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The engine is a rare 400 c.i.d. (first time I have heard of one). I do not think it has 400 hp. That being said, 400 c.i.d. V8 will be a four barrel carberator. This engine loves its fuel. I would plan for 12 miles to the gallon. Should be about 15/16 miles to the gallon. Cost of fuel in that part of the country as stated in the other post is around 3.15 a gallon. For a 1500 mile trip:
at 12 mpg = 125 gallons, around $394.00
at 15 mpg = 100 gallons, around $315.00
Rember these figures are estimated. But this should give you a good idea.
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