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...stock FOR SALE)? heres a link to pictures of the car i can be emailed at [email protected] car is located in santa fe new mexico any personal checks or any checks of anykind will have to clear my bank first before car goes to the seller unless paid in cash of course as well now here's some information about the car as you know its the LT1 the engine in the(Z28 from 1993-1997) (and base Corvette from the early 1990's to 1997) and (Camaro SS only in 1996-1997) its the 275hp and 325 ft tq its very very quick wouldn't take much mods to be equal or better than LS1 Z28 or SS there rated actually at 300hp (factory rating) detuned to (275hp for cheaper insurance prices) car has an aftermarket paintjob & hood tires are aftermarket with stock rims the passenger side front rim has a little bit of black paint on it but can be removed with a scrub brush and a little elbow grease (white Z28 Badges) (new Interior headliner) i tried to fix the small tear in the drivers side seat with this leather repair kit but the tear can be fixed professionally for not even $100.00(the tear isn't even very noticeable) at probably any upholstry shop it what ive been told. (its leather seats) (tinted windows the tint is Level 5% Dark Black) (the paint job of the Car is Black with Blue pearl Color) (Flowmaster Muffler car sounds even more bad ass),xm satellite Radio with active subscription the car has 140,700 on it as of today i have put over ($2100.00 in repairs i have all receipts & documents since ive owned the car to prove it) i am 3rd owner to my knowledge the guy i bought it off claims that the engine was rebuilt (but there was no documentation of that) (when i bought the car it had 138,000 some odd miles it) (ive replaced the fuel pump with a new one and the intake was cracked so i replaced it with new one as well i have reciepts for this of course) (then one day while i was getting gas on my way home the coolant hoses bursted on me so i had them replaced as well i have the receipts for that of course but the car does leak oil still probably blew a seal when the coolant hoses no way it affects the performance/Accelleration of the car but the leaks of oil very very little leaking of oil at a time just fix the seal i wouldve i just can't afford to right now would'nt cost more than $300.00 to repair car was parked for awhile until the coolant hoses were replaced ) (the transmission will need to be rebuilt its the 4-spd auto it slips on hard accelleration i wasn't aware of that the seller lied to me the car is (of course the car is more than driveable you could drive on this tranny for atleast another 5 years until you would need to replace it) you could even still pass 150mph no sweat ive discovered the slippin tranny later on but it wouldn't cost more than $2,000.00 to rebuild. ive installed a viper 5900 2-mile ranger 2-way communication remote start alarm system yes i have receipts for that as well its was nearly $600.00 and finally the center consoled lid need to be reattached the bracket can be found on ebay or gm can get it but the car is not really at all in bad condition just a few minor repairs will be neede to be like new trust me the car is just like a corvette just the name Z28 also cruise control oh the passenger side power window motor needs to be replaced i already fixed the drivers side window switches car is currently sitting in my garage parked and if your in santa fe new mexico i could meet you and show this beasty car (505) 699-9334 (im asking $5500.00 thats what i bought it for but please take into consideration all the money ive put into it PRICE MAY BE NEOGATIABLE) THANKS AGAIN PEEPS.
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