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figured I ought to introduce myself, my name is Nate and I found this forum after getting my new company car which is an '08 Impala LS. Nothing special but I'm actually pretty impressed with it, especially after having suffered through an el strippo rental-car-esque '05 for the last three years. Wandered in here because I had a question about finding a replacement key and fob because I only got one of the darned things. Anyway I hope to keep this car in good shape because they usually offer them to us to buy out after the lease is up and it's decent enough I just might.

I've got a Porsche 944, a '93 F-150 and a '55 Studebaker coupe as my personal vehicles, most of my actual automotive knowledge is about Studebakers or 80's watercooled VWs but I hope I can pick up enough about FWD GMs that I can keep this beast going for a while.
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