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hey to the site...

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I have a 65 SS and it has no interior what so is an original four speed car but has no engine or tranny in it either. My question is....Will a 64 four speed console bolt right up or is there a place i can find a 65 console.? I havnt found a 65 console yet.
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Hello and welcome to the community. Nice car your working on. I do not know if the consoles will change or not.
i hope this works out well for you. unfortunately, i know nothing about older impalas..
hey welcome & good luck with the build.
Im plannin on customizing most of it so it ends up bein my car the way i want it. I like the looks of the 64 4 speed console more than the 65s, so i might just put one in. I dont have any of the interior except for the rear seats so i can make it into whatever i want.
Make it fit.

if you making it the way you like it, it'll fit one way or another
It will take some modification to fit but it can work the 64 is kinda narrow so you may have a gap between the seats
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