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So this afternoon I am getting ready to go to school and everything is okay. Now when I get to school, I can't get my key turned to the OFF position and is stuck between OFF and ACC. After a few minutes of wiggling, I get the key to turn to OFF. After I'm done with school, I come back and try to start my car the the ignition is stuck and I'm not able to turn my key. The steering wheel is not locked. I can not get out of park. I have tried both the original key and a spare. I've been trying to get the key to turn for the last hour. Someone help please. This is my only vehicle and I can't afford to miss work and school.


Do you think it could be an electrical problem because last week my wipers wouldn't go off and they were stuck in the up position. This happens on and off when I use them. Not sure what the problem is here either.
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