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Just traded the wife's 2012 Avenger SXT plus for a 2015 Impala LS. Surprisingly the only complaint is the stock stereo. Dodge seems to do pretty decent on stock stereos. Other than that the Impala is better in every way. Despite being a larger car, it has better visibility and is easier to handle. The 2.5 four banger surprisingly feels just as eager to move the car as the 3.6 v6 in the Avenger. I wish we could have got a higher trim level, but all they had on the lot were LS's and nearly fully loaded 2LT's for $10k more which pushed all of those just out of where we were comfortable budget wise. There were weird circumstances as to why we needed it this week and couldn't wait for something to be ordered in, but we love our impala!
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Aye I got the stuff

Some of dem pics

Impala - Album on Imgur

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Wow, car looks great in white! :beer:

What does that chevy sticker on the window say? Time to get that dealer emblem and LS emblem off :eek:k3:
Thanks, I love it in white. I also think it looks mean in black, but all the LS's were white and the only black beauty was an optioned 2LT.

The dealer logo in the rear window is in a stretched out bow tie and says Legacy Chevrolet. It annoys the piss out of me as I see these free billboards on cars all over town as the Chevy dealer is one of the largest in town and they do sell a lot of cars. However they didn't give me a good enough deal to promote their business with their huge stickers plastered on my car.
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