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Nice to find a club for my Impala questions just like for my truck.
My first car (and love) was a 1987 Caprice that ran decent but was in poor shape as far as looks go. I worked on it and repainted it myself, added lights and a spotlight (policed it out) and used it as my response vehicle as a volunteer firefighter.
I had a minor collision that messed up the front end a little and the interior was desidegrating rapidly. About the same time I got married, bought an '83 that was in great body and interior shape. However, the engine was shot. I dropped the engine from the '87 into the '83 and it's still running strong.
In '05, wife and I bought a former Tennessee State Police '01 9c1 Impala. Both of us work or go to school out of town, so we needed a car which had good MPGs and snow traction. Sold the '83 to my parents.
In 2007, a deer literally jumped into the side of the 9C1 while my wife was going 70 on the freeway. Car held up well, but it destroyed the door, windshield, and fender. The insurance co. totalled it, but I seriously considered buying it back and fixing it. Great car.
Bought an '03 LS to replace the 9C1. Love it to death, but it's the wife's ride. I have an '05 TrailBlazer; Chevy family all the way.

Anthony Skube

PS, can anyone direct me to a cold air intake mod for the standard LS 3400 motor. I noticed it's got the standard, restrictive Chevy "hot air" intake. Want to let the beast breathe!
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