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I’m new to the forum and to Impala. Also just moved to the state of Washington. We bought a previously own by the state, Chevy Impala.

(2007 Chevrolet Impala LS - V6 - 3.5L 3490cc 213ci FLEX MFI vin K type LZE - 2 valve OHV)

We bought our ‘07 Impala from an insurance agent who bought it from the Washington State Highway Dept. It was a trooper’s car but it is not an interceptor. It was only used for driving to and from two different weight stations and then back home. It did have 3 antennas and I can see where the radio was mounted on the passenger side of the center console. When we bought it in Aug 2019 there was only 132533 miles and we changed the oil when it said only 9% left. Also the guy we bought it from said he always changed the oil when it told him to but he wasn’t a car guy. He told me that the windshield washer didn’t work since he got the car. I checked the fuse and replaced it and that works fine.

Now I think I have two problems.
One is the oil indicator comes out if you punch it. It’s only happen 2 or 3 times and I did have the oil changed at Walmart 11/11/2019 (odometer is 136061) and they said it was over filled and drained some. The next time it happened they said the level was find. I have done some searching and found the location of the oil sending unit. I’m thinking that might be the problem. Any thoughts?

Two… I have been having problems with the heater not getting warm. And the car is leaking antifreeze. Today I went out to check the antifreeze and it was full but my wife said the heater is not warming up again. I thought I had the fixed because the system was low and had air in the system. I got out what air I could and it worked for a bit. Also today I can hear the water pump squeak and that may be where it is leaking. In the past, I have seen water pumps leak when they are starting to go bad. Any thoughts?
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