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Just got a beater 2010 Impala LT w/flex fuel 3.5L from my boss with a bit of whitetail tax. Working on getting it up to par. Had a 2007 Grand Prix, so I'm pretty familiar with most of the work to be done.

So far I've:
-swapped both front wheel hubs 1 for speed sensor, 1 for a bad bearing
-had a duralast passenger side cv axle installed, to replace the one my boss knocked the boot off of. (That one hurt, as I was away from home when it suddenly failed at 200001 miles)
-replaced the shockingly soft and worn down douglas tires with dunlops and goodyears with 3/4 tread someone was giving away on facebook
-deep cleaned the interior
-installed Led low bulbs. I'm contemplating moving them to the high beam reflector and reaiming them. I haven't used high beams in about 6 years, and the low beam reflector sucks. Bad.
-replaced rear pads, rotors, and calipers
-replaced front pads (pads and rotors were new, but I wanted better pads)

Still to do:
-Both tie rods. Only need inner ends, but if I'm doing those it's no more work doing the works all said and done.
-Front sway bar links
-front sway bar bushings needed, but not sure what's involved with those yet
-rear sway bar links
-strut tower bars which I'll be making myself if I can find some dimensions (I'm a machinist by trade)
-swap 16" rims for 17" or 18" for improved handling
-header plate to replace headlight assembly mounting bracket destroyed by a roving buck. Currently held in place with steel cable ties.
-other handling improvement modifications yet to be determined

I'm doing this on a shoestring budget, but I've had good luck finding decent parts on Amazon and Facebook for cheap or nothing. Advice is always welcome. I look forward to chatting with you all.

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Another from MN, I'm near the Knife Lake area and have a 2003 LS that I'm working on. The Andover U-pull-R-Parts on Hwy 65 had a number of Gen-8 Impalas with good front ends, I've been hitting this and the Rosemont yard almost every other weekend.

I've been lurking around the forum for some time now and it's about the best place for the W-body with the least BS, no shortage of good experienced advice, they know what they're doing.

If you know a tool & die maker out by Howard Lake, we have something in common.

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