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My name is Mike. I have a '96 Impala SS that is starting to need those little repairs that come with being 12 years old. I am the original owner and have kept it down to 65K miles. I have a '94 Camaro, '99 Firebird, '05 GTO, '74 Chevy C10 Stepside, and '93 Kawasaki Ninja ZX11 that I spread my mileage across. I came here looking for a place (other than the dealership!) to get OEM parts. Right now I need:
1) a wheel center cap
2) oil dipstick
3) I think a passenger side idler arm. The passenger front wheel assembly has about a 1/8-1/4 inch wriggle to it.
Also hoping to get advice on repairs and maintenance from those that have been-there-done-that!
I just had the engine out to replace all the gaskets and seals. The rear seal was leaking and I figured I better replace them all. Also had to replace the shift linkage seal on the tranny. She's dry as a bone now!
So, If you know where to buy, or have these extra parts laying around and want to get rid of them, drop me a line.
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