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hello fellow impala people!

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glad to be part of the forums! i have a 64 impala super sport, it was a 300 hp 327 3 speed column shifted manual originally but it now has a 350 with a th350 tranny. i have had it since march '03 and for a while it was my daily driver for a while, in 06 i let my at the time girlfriend use it for a while, and when i got it back the trans was slipping out of 3rd and the front suspension was shot, (lesson learned!) now that im going through my gonna be 30 crises i have decided to sell most of my other cars to restore the 64! i plan to paint it original palomar red, im going to keep it pretty much stock except imgoing to ditch the tiny master cylinder and put a 66 brake system in it, along with some cragar ss mags, and of course the motor wont be stock!:eek:k3:
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as soon as i can figure out my new macbook im using i will for sure load some pics up, it looks pretty bad at the moment, storing it outside in the hot valley sun takes its toll!
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