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I decided to sign up here. I need some help finding parts and fixing what is really a much more complicated car than I care to think about.

I live in New Bedford, Ma., own a 1991 Caprice wagon with 240k that looks and, unfortunately, runs the part, but it just keeps going, so I'm thankful for that. I love the gas mileage, but from a material quality and serviceability standpoint, I'd much rather a 77-90 car.

I may need a little help with fixes and maintenance, and it's it's nice to see other people who also don't seem to think too well of GM's decision to stop making real cars.

Most of my work over the last several years has been in education as a high school teacher. I'm in-between right now, looking for another teaching job, or alternately, something simply to pay the bills until I finish my graduate work and can move back into teaching, but at the college level instead.

Other hobbies besides cars: trains, building models, reading, music, woodworking, cooking, photography, architecture, history.

Looking forward to getting to know everyone.

Charlie Larkin
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