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I finally joined a forum looking for answers for my "new" 1995 SS. I have found a lot of good infor on this site so far, Thanks!

Down to buisness, Its got 108K miles on it, black, and I bought it for 900$. It needs a little work. As it sat it put down 201 hp and 256tq on our mustang dyno. These numbers are pretty typical for a stock LT1. It had a right side manifold cracked in half... impressive really.

I'm looking for a left rear patch panel to go behind the wheel. I'm familiar with body work, but I'm having a real hard time finding one. I don't want to pack it with bondo like i've seen on other cars. I plan to sell this car, but want to fix it as if it were one of my own, and I can feel confidant selling a good car, since i'm starting to like this ol girl.

Also, I need a soultion for the torn driver seat leather. Either new leather and foam, or a decent used seat. Any suggestion? Thanks for the help.
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