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Hello, and thank you for stopping in to help. I actually made this same post yesterday but it has said it is waiting approval to be displayed publically. I'm not sure what that's about so I made it again. I finally got my 2004 Chevy Impala w/ the Police Package running. All it took was a new starter, ignition cylinder, cylinder housing and hours and hours of troubleshooting, haha. However; upon finally getting it to crank and start and taking it for its first drive I've noticed a few issues:

1. When I hit a bump, occasionally both headlights will flicker off and back on. Man I'm really not looking forward to troubleshooting this one lol.

2. In taking the ignition switch/housing out and putting it back a few times I must have tweaked one of the wires in the harness because I have to bend it a certain way to get the vehicle to crank. Pretty sure one of the wires is loose in the pin in the harness. I'd like to repin both male ends of the harness that go into the ignition. Could someone point me in the direction of where I can source the proper pins (there are two different sizes in this pigtail), automotive grade wire, and the proper crimping tool? I'd like to avoid soldering in a new pigtail and just reterminate the ends with fresh pins and pop them into the existing harness.

EDIT: I narrowed it down to the black male connector that plugs into the ignition switch. All the wires seem pretty tight going to the pigtail from the loom. Not much slack at all. Upon further inspection I can't visibly see anything out of sorts. But I know it's one of the wires in this harness because when I squeeze it down towards the switch and turn the key it cranks. I'm going to look for a diagram to see if I can find if it's a ground or ignition wire specifically that's loose.

I hope this isn't too tall of an order. But I'm so close to having this thing sorted. I greatly appreciate any help.
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