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I have seen some Pictures of the 2009 Camaro, and I think that its alright. I would Prefere the Pionted, Arrow-heads of the 4th Gen's, but it Still Kicks Ass!! :D

However!!!! I just checked some Pic's of the Interior, and it looks like SH*T!!!!

All of the Advancements done over 30 years, and they Stuck the Interior out of the 67's!! No CD Player!! Thats Bullsh*t!!!!

I can't see any 21st Century look on the Dash!! KITT has a Better-Styled Dash-Cluster!!!!

Where's the Radio, and Climate Controls?!? Does it even have any?!? And whats with the Vent's?? They look so Small!!
Where is the Power at?!?

Reminds me of a Dead mans Interior!! :p

Someone Please Tell me that this is not right!!!! <:O

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Geta a grip. The interior is designed to call to mind the '60's and '70's Camaros so that's why there's no KITT car graphic enhanced garbage. I like it, myself (but I'll still hold out for a Hemi Challenger). Good luck!
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