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I have an 01 Impala. When I turned the a/c on in the summer the temp. gauge read hot. The coolant fans went out. I took it to a shop, had them replaced and now my temp gauge stays in the middle and fluctuates between low and going pass the middle mark. I have road a long time without my fans being fixed, so now I have no clue if my car is running hot still or if the gauge is suppose to be in the middle. And not only am i dealing with that issue but now i hear a buzzing noise that starts when my car is turned on and continues until I turn it off. What in the world is that? I think the mechanic did something to my computer system just to make my check engine light go off, so now even if i wanted to go somewhere else, none of my systems are ready to be read, or do I just need to continue to drive to let the computer catch up so that it can sense a problem?....Please somebody help me!!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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