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grill just pounded on with mallet?

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after my accident i got all new OEM parts but i noticed a few weeks later the grill at the top corners was sticking out a bit. so i stopped by the body shop and they just pounded it in and said there are no screws etc holding it in place. but that if it happened again he would schedule half day to take off the bumper and fix it again.

so does all this sound legit?
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I doubt that there are any screws. Most likely, it's just held in with "clips". As to why it was "sticking out", I can't say. Hopefully, the clips just weren't all of the way "seated" and it's fixed now, but like he said, if it comes out again over time, then there is a deeper issue that they need to address.

I wouldn't worry about it unless it happens again.
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Should not stick out if it was fixed right, fitment should be tight like new. Probably right about no screws, above jtrosky is right, most likely clips holding it in place.
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