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Hello gentlemen,

I'm on quest to fulfill my brothers wish to help the world become a better place and to have a car that kicks ass .... lol :biggrin:

So, he's looking for a 1967 Impala and would like to put a diesel engine in there and turn it into a vegetable fuel system.

Now, here is the main question. Do all the other componets of the car (ex: tranny, ect.) need to be replaced as well, or is the engine swap enough.

He's not looking for the 800 hp Impala like the one built on "Pimp My Ride".

Basically a daily driver with some muscle, about 350-500hp range.

And if anybody knows what engine would be optimal for this kind of use and a ballpark figure on how much it might cost.

Thanks alot for your help and feedback .....:biggrin:

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With the HP you are looking at puting into the car with the diesel engine I would deffinetly put a stronger tranny under there. The stock tranny will not hold up for very long.

Also change the radiator, your diesel engine will need more cooling power than the gas engine it came with. I also suggest going with an electric cooling fan to help move the air through that up coming monster and keep it cool.:cool:

Hope this helps,


This reminds me of a show on tv where they took the singer from Red Hot Chili Peppers and made his 69 camaro into an electric car....the thing actually had a lot of power. Did anybody else see that?
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