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Just joined the group and excited to be be here. Just bought my long awaited 96 SS. Been looking 4 18 mos and found her on ebay. DCM with stock wheels and 275/40/zr17s. The prev owner also changed both sway bars and put QA1 12 way adj shocks on. IT also has clear image tri-y headers and dyno max complete exhaust with H pipe-no cats. He did a complete trans rebuild using a burt brown racing package and NEAL racing 2800 stall converter. A new EATON posi was installed w/3.73 gears. The engine is stock except for a GMPP845 cam and Pro Magnum 1.6 Roller rockers. Also has a Meziere elec water pump. He took all this info and sent it to PCMforless and had the pcm flashed for this combo. I still want to do some changes to it and one is the springs. Im trying to decide whether to use Eibachs or some 1lc springs. The car sits nice as it is and not sure if I will like it if it lower than it is now. Can any one tell me if the difference in ride and performance between these springs? Also would like to get a little more performance from the engine and thinking of an aluminum head swap or sending these heads out for P&P? Also notice that when Im sitting at idle and turn the steering it draws the engine down to almost a stall-any opinions? Anyway Ive gone on long enough and looking forward to being a part of this great forum.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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