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Installed a new Pioneer AVH 3500 BH using the Axxess GMOS LAN 012 today only to have my new unit turn on and off on its own. I then removed the unit, disconnected all harnesses, and again followed the instructions for installation. Each time, (3 total today) I removed and replaced the unit the issue seemed to improve however it never did actually work as it should. Chimes worked but blinker signal sound was not present.

The head unit has fantastic sound when listening to HD radio however it would just shut off loosing power. When that happened, I was not able to power it back on by pressing the power button. After a few minutes it would power on by itself, play for a minute or two, then shut back off.

I checked the harness and all connections...everything seems to be in order and when I "wiggle" the harness it does not have any effect either when on or off.

Does the GMOS module have a "learning" time frame? I read where you should disconnect the negative battery terminal for 15 minutes and then connect it again.

I put the oem radio back in as I need to have the car ready to go in the am however I plan to install the deck again tomorrow afternoon.

I have done numerous installs over the years and this one seems strait forward. Do not have my VOM with me but will have it tomorrow to see where I am loosing power. Suspect it is at the GMOS module however I am not certain.

Any help?

Thanks all
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