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...slides?!?! HELP!? Okay, I have a 95 Chevy Impala. Only one out of four power windows(passenger side) is currently working. No A/C... It's like in the Russian sauna while driving that thing especially it's a black color...

So, I found out that this plastic slides which are connected to the actuator are broken. I paid high dollar getting new slide pieces but I cannot put it in. This plastic slides are in between this guide(rail) thing and I have no way putting new slides back in. Or taking out the old broken slide pieces neither!

Both end of the guide are pinched end, means that I cannot slide the piece(slide) out other than bending it. Plus the punched pin at end is also not letting slides out farther end of the guide.

I have no idea how guys at shop can put this thing in... If anyone knows the trick, I will greatly appreciate!

This seem to be a common GM problem because I used to have a 91 Caprice, and it had the same problem. I didn't bother it because those were rear windows.
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