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Not sure which section this should go in, but it should def be stickied into each generational breakdown. It's about as comprehensive and detailed as you could hope for!! Many models offered, as well as many years offered! Good stuff for sure!!

The Impala only goes from '67-'07, but they say they are always adding more...

GM Heritage Center Archive | Free Vehicle Information Kit Downloads

Just a brief description of what to expect:

Over 800 Chevrolet Information Packages are now available for download free of charge. These packages contain basic specifications and equipment availability for most Chevrolet vehicles from 1913 to 2007. You may also purchase individual printed copies of information kits for all General Motors brands.

As we continue to digitize our vehicle archives, we will add additional kits to this section. In preserving the quality of some of the files, the size of the PDFs can be quite large. Large files will be indicated by their file size next to their name in parentheses (eg, 24mb). These files may take a long time to load on slow connections.
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