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Hey guys,

Just wondering what kind of gas mileage are you getting in your 8th gens? With stock tune? And if you're running top tier gas? And any other considerations like excessive oil consumption (some cars seem to really drink the oil through the PCV and back through the intake and some don't at all thus don't experience the carbon issues and reduced gas mileage like other do). Also if you mostly if you do city or highway driving. I'm getting about 16 town 20 highway top tier 93 octane which is up a few miles after replacing the evap purge solenoid and the canister vent solenoid which were both bad. Mine drinks a lot of oil and I'm wondering if my mileage has decreased enough that I can get the dealer to do a manual cleaning of the valves under the powertrain warranty. The normal $100 deposit won't cover them telling you whether or not it will, so I'm fishing for evidence. Thanks!
I have an 08 LTZ, 3.9 LZG AFM. Stock tune... for now :D

I am getting about 17 average city, and (depending on speed and other factors) 25 - 30 highway. I took a 250 mile road trip a couple months ago and got an average of 29.5 mpg, and my instant (take from that what you will) was 31 mpg. I was so impressed / shocked I took pictures lol. I'm running top tier 87 octane.

I haven't noticed any excessive oil loss. I have noticed a vibration at 45mph in 3cyl mode under light acceleration, but that's me digressing.
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