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2010 3.5 on stock tune running whatever fuel i'm near when i decide to fill up on 87 octane gets 14-16 in strictly city. this past week running the country roads of michigan i was getting 25/26 of non fuel efficient driving. on the highway i see 28-34 depending on the trip and weather conditions. i will note this winter gas this year seems to be killing mileage worse than normal....or maybe it's me/weather again...

i will note the local shop told me i have a leaky rear main seal....and i'm too cheap to pay 650 to get it fixed for something i can just monitor and add oil when it needs it. may go weeks before it loses a quarter quart. i don't see a rime or reason to it's oil loss lol. seems to like to sit on the 1/4 quart low mark for a long time before it moves again.
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