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gas gauge is messed up....

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ok my 01 impala's gas gauge is not working right.... when i turn on my car it marks my gas right but when i start driving it moves around for example if i have 1/4 of gas it might move around and say its full or it has 3/4 of gas.... but when i fill up the gas tank it marks it that its full and doesnt move.... i need help....
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when it reads full and the tank has 1/4 or so gone from it, flod down the back seat, pull the carpet back you should see a circular "access panel" its for your fuel pump (might have started in 02 though). beat on it a few times, if this fixes the issue (temp) its the float/sending unit in the pump
thanx for the advice... ima try that today... i also took it to my mechanic and said that it might just be the gauge.... but ill see wut happens...
you can buy just a fuel card, which is the float mechanism. Its cheaper than buying the whole sending unit
ok i tried wut 04detroitls said to do n still didnt work... any advice on wut i should do next...?
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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