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So I bought on eBay what were supposed to be the correct injectors for my 2003 3.4 Impala base
New Delphi Multi Port Fuel Injector Buick Chevy Oldsmobile Pontiac FJ10066 | eBay
The OEM part number should be 25323971 according to Rock Auto. What they sent me were OEM part number 25323972 which are for the 3.8 engine. Physically they are the same but there has to be a difference. A quick google search found me this website
Delphi fuel injectors - flow rates - injector connectors
That shows different specs for the two different injectors. My question is will the slight numerical differences make an issue with the function of the injector? Can I install the 25323972 (3.8 engine) injector in my 3.4 engine and the car run as it should? Or should I contact the seller and wait for a return and reshipment? Thanks in advance

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