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Car is in great shape, came from Florida from an 80 year old man who bought it brand new in 94, he then traded it in when he went up to Massachusetts for the summer about 5 years ago. Then the guy I bought it from then purchased car. I am the 3rd owner. Car has 134k on the clock. CLEAN TITLE!!!

Parts -
100ft. of 3/4" Mack truck air brake line and fittings to plumb up the system, can handle nitrogen
8 smc 1/2" valves, can handle nitrogen if desired
one huge custom air tank and a smaller 5 gal tank that the valves are plumbed off of and a water separator between the two 2 viair 500c compressors the biggest and best 12 volt viair compressors built to run at 150+ psi extra battery in trunk to help out the compressors
4 slam specialties air bags the strongest bags on the market used for competition vehicles all over the world
10 functional switches - pancake, seesaw, front, back, left side, right side, and 4 individual corners.
20" o. g. wire wheels
clear 10 switch box with chrome extenders and blue jewels
6000k digital slim ballast HID kit
Train Horn
Digital air pressure gauge
Panasonic deck and custom din plate made out of aluminum
battery cut off switch under seat to cut off all power to the air system before shutting down vehicle or incase of emergency
dual exhaust with glass backs ending before rear end due to heat near rear bags got rid of stock tail pipes
chrome valve covers custom shifter one of a kind aluminum on column
e&g classics stainless chrome grille
car has every option imaginable fully loaded
a/c works

This car is truly an attention getter. I get lots of attention where ever I go with this car. A lot of people want to take pictures of the car and standing next to it etc. etc. All the ladies love this car. It has a lot if room inside. This car can fit 5 people in the back comfortably. It’s a nice ride to pull up in the club with or just to cruise down the popular strips and hit a switch. You can ride all the way down, all the way up, front down ass up, ass down nose up, lean to the left, lean to the right, whatever you want. The compressors fill the tanks up quickly. You get a lot of playtime and not have to worry about oil leaks or dead batteries like with hydraulics. The air setup is very reliable. I drive this car everywhere hittin’ switches. Can even do highway speeds and still hit switches if you want to get the attention of the cute girl driving next to you. The car is setup in a way so that nothing touches.

Only bad part is that the dash pad is cracked but I have a carpet on order for it and the front seats show some wear. Car starts up every time, no problems at all. I painted the frame flat black so that its not noticeable when the car is up. It’s an overall nice car but I have a few other projects that I am working on and need the room and money. Car is located in queens NY.

Not in a rush to sell it, asking $6000 or best offer.
Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns. My Cell phone number is 347-394-8564.

As it sits now

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