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2017 LT

- Clanking in the left front corner when I hit a bump.
- In a sweeping right hand turn it tracks fine at first until the radius of the turn gets tight and then it "dives" hard to the right one time. Doesn't seem to have any issues in left handers.

With the car jacked up if I grab the tire at 3:00 and 9:00 I can wiggle the wheel left and right but no movement up and down or top to bottom. When I remove the wheel and repeat by grabbing the disc I can see that the rod into the rack and pinion is moving about 1/4-1/2 inch (at the rack under the rubber boot, not the ball joint) and the outer bushing on the lower control arm is wobbly.


1. I assume the rod should not have any play at the rack. Is that correct and if so, is it repairable or a complete replacement?

2. To fix the bushing do I need to replace the bushing or the entire lower control arm?

Anything else I should know? Hints, tips or tricks?

Thanks everyone.