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Front Lip

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I started a custom front lip project about 2 years ago. Put it on hold.

Now about to finish it up. The idea was to replicate the Regency front lip. I have the initial shape done and now need to do the finishing work. I posted pictures under the What Did You Do To Your Impala Today thread.

I now have started another front lip using the one for the Monte Carlo.

I have attached images of an imp with the monte carlo front lip and a modified version of the lip, which is the one I am going to create.


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I like. But what about side skirts and bumper? I would purchase if it was full kit.
This is to complement the current side skirts and rear valance of the duraflex kit for the imps. I have those already on my car.

I didn't like the one they have that covers half the bumper. Wanted something that followed that chararter line.

I may do something in the future for sides and rear. I actually was playing around with some designs. Will let you all know if I proceed.
Here is a photoshop image of the modified version on my car. This is refernce picture of what I am going for,


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Finally got around to finishing the lip. Just doing the final touches.

Update 02/04/20: First primer stage. Used Featherfill G2. Place on car to let stretch a bit.

Update 02/06/20: Paint and final install.


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I love it and want it done to mine please contact me
Very nice, are those L.E.D.S. in the foglight assy? Also, how or where did you get the chrome strips around the foglight assy?
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