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Today in the institute of Impala research: Fog Lights.

About a month ago I did the impossible. I swapped my seats in my 2012 from cloth to leather, and it was all plug and play if you had 2009 or newer seats.

See I was worried that the BCM wouldn't be programmed for the heated seats because it wasn't in 2006-2011 Impalas.

So my next feat was to install fog lights. I did a lot of research and came to the conclusion I needed a DEI611T, a relay, a new bumper, fog lights, and fog bezels.

However, I did some research and I found out, my BCM is programmed for foglights. So then I thought I needed a Foglight Harness, Bumper, fog lights, and fog bezels.

Well today folks let me tell you. My boiis at chevy must want us LT owners to upgrade it to LTZ status. The reason I say this is because the fog light harness would be an Impossible install. But there is no reason to by it. Why? Because chevy already put it in all the 2012+ LT models. list the same harness number for the LT and LTZ. There are literally fog light connectors just chilling tucked away behind the non fog bumper.

SO A TL;DR for everyone:

If you have a 2012+ LT buy a fog switch, fog bumper and fog lights and enjoy your new look

Items Needed:
Fog bumper (price $170 painted and shipped from ebay or amazon)
Fog Bezels (Price $60 for both from gm parts direct)
Fog lights (Price $30 ebay)

1. Remove old bumper like so (
2. Plug in fog lights to hidden connectors
3. reattach bumper
4. swap headlight switch in cabin
5. enjoy the new fog lights

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While in New York, recently, we saw an interesting set-up on a late model LTZ. The owner had road lamps where stock fog lights sit.
These lights looked like he had to go to the Parts Window at Lockheed™ to get them.
They seemed to floating in space.
He had what appeared as '70's, vintage, rectangular, CIBIE™, Super-flagrant, 100K Candlepower, bad ass, projectors hanging where fog lights belonged/
The Bumper and light are treated with a clear acrylic chemical mixture which looked like Corning™ Glass.
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