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I am looking for some help with a problem I'm having with my 2007 SS. I live in the midwest, 40 miles west of Chicago.

The problem started about 2 weeks ago. The problem is that my windows now fog up even with the defrost (dash) engaged, both temp controls set to max heat, and the fan speed to the setting just higher (to the right) of medium. The rear window begins fogging and then both rear windows. I then see the windsheild start to fog as well as the front doors.

In years past, I have almost never had to use the defrost setting nor the rear window defroster. I only used the heat settings about 2/3rds to the top (using the floor vents) with the fan speed control set to the middle. I never had a fogging issue, even when it was just above 32F and very humid. The windows now fog when it is around 40F and low humidity.

I have checked for water leaks inside the trunk and passenger compartment. Also, there is no rust on the body (can't say that about the undercarriage) so there isn't much chance of water leaking in that way. All of the seals (windows and trunk lid) look like new, with no holes or tears.

Yesterday I replaced the cabin air filter as it had been about 2 years since I last replaced it, thinking it was lower than normal airflow. The problem was still there today.

The only thing that I did to the HVAC system since last winter was I had to replace the driver's side door actuator motor this past summer. When I adjusted the driver's side temp, there was a loud clicking under the dash - even with the ignition off. I wouldn't think a problem with that could cause the fogging issue.

Any ideas what I can check for next? I did notice that the AC compressor does not engage when I set the control to the defrost setting (it was about 25F in my garage a while ago when I looked into that). It is my understanding that the AC compressor automatically comes on in defrost mode. Is that normal?

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