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Hey , fixing an old 2003 impala LS 3800 I'm trying to get my cylinder heads replaced (already received them) and belt tensioner (need to order ) I have coils and sparks oils ect but my OVERALL goal is to get around 3-400 hp. I've done research and found a m90 supercharger for L67 (a list of additional parts needed would be great) from eBay (it had arrived).

My short term goal is to get this baby back on the road and in great shape N/A since I didn't have the parts needed for the complete top swap . My mechanic has already replaced the upper and lower intake which was believed to be the problem for overheating only to find white smoke coming out the back end. I've already replaced the radiator, ect a while back. If you notice anything from the pics please advise . Thanks

PS: My mechanic wont be charging over 250$ for the entire job so its not the cost that matters im willing to buy part for part (id prefer not to buy full 1-1500$ kits) so if you have recommendations please discuss


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