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Finish Line

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Hi, I am new to the Impala Forum but I'm not new to car collecting or Impalas in general. My parents bought a new Impala 4dr HT in 1959 which I drove to high school. I just bought a '63 project, but I also own a '62 Vette and three TriFives along with a few others. A cou[ple of VW's, a '49 Olds 98 converible with an LS, a '67 Skylark, and a '67 LeMans SPRINT.
I received several boxes of parts alolng with the '63. Some of these parts intrigue me because I wasn't aware of them. One is the ashtray and the other is the shift console. They have the name FINISH LINE on them. They are very well made and appear to be factory made. Are they rare?
The Impala has a Goodwrench 350. It also has one piece "California" bumpers. The car has almost no rust but the interior is in pretty bad shape.
Heres some pics.

Automotive tire Wood Motor vehicle Sculpture Artifact
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Wood Artifact Font
Wood Font Gas Rectangle Motor vehicle
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Welcome to the Forum! Do you have any pictures of the total car? exterior and all?
Welcome to the Forum! Do you have any pictures of the total car? exterior and all?
Here's some pics of the way I found it. Most of the parts missing in the pic were either inside or laying around outside.
I'll have better pics next week.
Car Automotive parking light Vehicle Land vehicle Hood
Vehicle Tire Grille Vehicle registration plate Wheel
Car Land vehicle Wheel Tire Vehicle
Vehicle Car Motor vehicle Hood Steering part
Automotive tire Motor vehicle Automotive lighting Wood Tire

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Never heard of "Finish Line". I would say that someone just attached those emblems on there themselves.

Car looks very restorable.
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