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I recently bought an older car. A 1987 Caprice Brougham.

Its a v8 305 engine. I bought it from an older man who barely drove the thing. 77,000 original miles.

Now when i start it the first time in the day it take a few times to start. Why does it do this?

I already changed the oil and the oil filter. Put a new o2 sensor in.

Just bought a new set of spark plugs, fuel filter but didnt install them yet.

Any idea on why it takes a few times to start? What do i have to get done?
Also when it does start, it shoots a white smoke from the tailpipe. Its only when it starts though, it doesnt keep smoking.

Why does it do that?
Oh and i live in phoenic, Arizona. Its getting 3 digits weather!

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there is noyhing wrong with this car. the problem, is you starting techiqune

1. when the weather outside, is above50degrees, pump the gas pedal, HALF WAY TO THE FLOOR. Now take your foot off that gas pedal. start the car, HOLD THE KEY in the start possisssion, until ti starts.
with this type of engine, you half to crank out all the gas fumes from the canister purge tank. This car will start right up. REMEMBER you are a new driver to this car. You have to become accustomed to starting the car, the way the old man did.
When the temp. gets below 50 degrees,pump one full time to the floor. when it gets below freezing pump 2 times to the floor. regardless of the temp. once the car starts, DON'T touch that gas pedal, just let it idle,and the rpm,s will level right off. This was a very GOOD MOTOR, AND A EXCELLENT CAR . good luck, follow my starting instructions, this car will start, and run perfect, just give it some time!!!

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Older cars with carburetor need chocking to be activated by pushing puddle before cranking

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If you are still running into problems starting this car why not ask the previous owner how he started it. I am sure he has the trick down pat. On my 77 Impala all I have to do is just barely push the pedal (which closes the choke plate) and then turn the key to start up when it is cold. Some cars need to be pressed to the floor twice others are a bit different. The previous owner knows what this car want inorder to start right up.

The smoke is most likely that the engine valve guide seals are worn out and leaking oil into the cylinders at start up. It may or may not be worth fixing right now.
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