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Feb 28th Malibu to SB Cruise – Report/pics

First and foremost I want to thank everyone that made it out to the meet. You guys & gals are really what makes this hobby of ours so great. It was really nice meeting a few of you for the first time as well as meeting up with some familiar faces.

Thank you for your patience with the “Site B” redirect. That ended up working out well. God bless the Little League’rs, but of all days to block off the parking lot, heheh.

When I finally got to the parking lot, it was really cool seeing such a mix of fine GM Rides. That’s what it was all about. Even had some Jaguar and Viper action too. Nice. Sorry I wasn’t able to go and meet everyone face to face. With the redirect, and trying to get the Camera mounted, I know everyone was anxious to hit the road!

I’m happy to say that everyone made it to Santa Barbara w/o incident. Not sure about the drive home :D . We did have one vehicle generate a check engine light & a rough idle, but after a quick reset of the ECM, he made it home fine.

On the way up we got loose on the freeway but the re-group at the pier went well. Its too bad the original restaurant reservation didn’t go as planned, but I think with all the food options we had once at the pier it all worked out. With help from Mark (our official GM Eternal Event Planner!) we scored a banquet room at Moby Dicks Restaurant and literally walked right in & were seated. Food was great and service was very attentive. Definitely going to make sure they are the food stop for our next cruise.

Not sure of our head count at Moby’s, but with everyone bringing cash, we cashed out pretty fast & easy. Surprising for the size of our group. Kudos for that!

A few of the group headed out after lunch while others hung out and checked out the sites. Later, after a failed attempt to find additional tapes for our video camera, we cruised up State St. It was pretty cool listening to exhaust of Marks Camaro ricochet off of the buildings. It definitely turned heads.

As for the video, I’ll have something up later this week. Even though we only had the one reverse mounted cam on the Camaro, Marks Motorcycle cam (which looks great by the way– saw a few clips) and a few in car fly by shots, I do promise you guys a great video.

Here’s the pics I was able to put up, plus a few extras. We still have a few camera guys out there whom I haven’t heard back from yet. The additional will be up shortly.

I’ve linked them all to my forum as I don’t have a limit on pics in single post. Check it out

56K be warned…
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