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I have an issue right now on my 2007 LT Impala V6 with a column shifter. I had a P0449 code on car and put the part on car and started the engine but engine light was still on so I unhooked negative battery cable and let it sit for ten minutes hooked it back up and key will do nothing in start position. Also no gear selector is present from park to low so no square around any of the gears when I move shifter.

Also key fobs I have two..neither will unlock or lock car door actually the hard key will not even unlock or lock the door with it open or closed i tried. I tried to reprogram fobs with settings on dash but it comes to a point where it says FEATURE SETTINGS AVAILABLE IN PARK. so I could not reprogram fobs. I went and put new batteries in both fobs and did not help (probably have to relearn them now,,but thats why I tried this before I put new batteries in them). Headlights work fine. trunk will not open. basically the fobs do nothing but I do hear a relay click when I push the lock button but only the first time I push it.

So not sure if I have a pass lock issue, ignition switch issue, neutral safety switch issue, battery issue, starter issue, brake solenoid sensor, ???

Anyone had this issue? I am sure people have!
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