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Exhaust mod 2013 impala

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Question for you folks that might know. What aftermarket muffler will produce the most masculine sound at low RPMs? I don't race, but I want to be noticed. Your thoughts? If I sound like a novice, it's because I am.
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If anyone knows of any reasonable way to make the 3.6 LFX rumble a bit without droning on the highway that'd be great info to know. It still bothers me that the exhaust makes 0 sound when I'm driving. To be fair I have unreasonable expectations as I spent the 3 years previous to my impala driving around a '93 Dodge Stealth R/T which made some fun noises :) That car sounded great, and it was just a 3.0 V6.
The issue with it is the 3.6 was only put on the 8th gens from '12 up, and exhausts that may sound nice on the 3.5 and 3.9 will be completely different on the 3.6 as it's a different type of engine (pushrod vs DOHC). I've seen a few videos of cars with aftermarket resonators and muffler deletes, but I'd rather keep inside the law for this one so I avoid future issues.
I've heard one or two who put flowmaster super 44's on, which sounded pretty good at idle but kind of sad when revving.
Here's a video of it with the flowmaster catback system, but unfortunately he didn't rev soooo.
Flowmaster 10s and res delete.

Basically, I'd like to know if anyone has found a pair of mufflers which work with or without a resonator which produces a nice rumble, sounds decent when revving, but doesn't drone obnoxiously on the highway. My Stealth got so bad when I broke the exhaust that I couldn't hold conversations on the highway without yelling. I've spent a lot of time searching on youtube, but have yet to find a video where anyone has mufflers and shows it idling, revving, and highway cruising.

Also note my county does emissions testing, so I can't lose any cats unless I want to put em back on every 2 years lol
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1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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