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Exhaust mod 2013 impala

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Question for you folks that might know. What aftermarket muffler will produce the most masculine sound at low RPMs? I don't race, but I want to be noticed. Your thoughts? If I sound like a novice, it's because I am.
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Although I have no personal experience with this quite yet. I asked an objectively similar question on my thread in the link below, there's alot of good advice there.

No matter what it will sound like a ricer racer with a fart can!~

A V-8 is a different story!
I know it's not what your getting at but I would love to see a 2013 Impala V8 Engine swap. Couldn't call it a ricer because I'm sure at least someone would notice the unusually lengthened front end... At least you'd have something unique!
Actually, since the 8th gen SS's actually had V8's, you could probably put an LS4 into the 2013 easily - although I have no idea how hard it would be to make it work properly with the 6-speed trans (both physically and tuning).

I'm sure it would be cost-prohibitive too. And you really wouldn't be gaining *that* much over the 3.6L V6 (same HP as the LS4 V8 - but less torque).

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Dang, I'm terrible at searching. I even tried to check to make sure there was no V8. Thanks for clarifying. :beer:
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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