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Erratic instrument cluster

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I have a 2005 impala police car 3.8 with a 140 mph speedometer . all my gauges and warning light will start off blinking and gauges fuel and temp move back and forth.After a few miles it works fine , i was told to replace instrument cluster. my question is can i replace it with a normal cluster 120 mph? i want to test with a junk yard first.
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Welcome! :beer: Now, get me....ummmmm.....US...yea, US some PICS!

Another thing that can go wrong with the Impala's is the BCM, or Body Control Module. Its under the dash and can make things go crazy when it starts to go. But, replacing the dash cluster is the first, cheaper move. The guys here will chime in soon and tell me how old & senile I am....I you.......:D



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Welcome to the Forum. I am not sure if it is the same issue as it is hard to say really without seeing the car in front of you... Trying to understand better what it does...

Lets say you start the car, All does the testing and then all works for a sec or few. Then it shuts off all power to the cluster However you can still see the Miles, and the Warning area stays lit up if you have your door open? The Shift Selector (PRD321) disappears, There is some clicking sounds? then all comes back on may even show the low battery sign on the warning area?

If that is how it works I would try and clean up all the grounds in your car. Starting at the battery. Clean both power and ground.. Once that is done, Check all the grounds at the BCM. I think if it is working like stated above after cleaning the battery connections could help... If it isn't like that it could be a BCM issue however is another reason I was saying check the grounds there as well...

Let us know what you find!

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