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Hello everyone. I have a 69 impala completely stock. It has a 350 and only thirty five thousand miles. It is well kept and in near perfect condition. So heres my question how much horsepower am I looking at right now on my 350 and how high can I get it? Heres what I want. I want it fast but still a comfortable ride, if you know what I mean. * I can elaborate email me * It is ALL OG like everything about it is original. So I want to make it faster but not ruin it being a classic original car. Any ways if this i at all possible please lemme know. If not than still post your oppinuions/ideas on souping up a 350. Thanks Gabriel.
Also it would be cool if you could tell me how much the parts would cost me on average. Or if you think I should keep the Impala all OG.. Really kind of a car tard need some advice.

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I think a stock '69 350 with a four barrel would have put out somewhere around 240-250 horses. Some simple modifications would be headers (on ebay you can get them from $50 to $100) upgrading the intake and carb which can get pricey to get good stuff. If its going to be a daily driver, I would stick to some basic stuff.
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