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Hi guys/gals. Just joined the forum. I personally do not own an Impala, but my dad does. I own a '99 HO SS and my daily driver, a 2005 Dodge Ram Daytona. Someday, I will have either my '69 Chevelle SS or '69 Camaro SS. We're Chevy guys!! LOL!!
Anyways, just writing as I have a question. Where would the sensor be located for the engine coolant on a 2005 V6 base model Impala? The engine light came on stating the coolant was low, but I have checked it a bunch of times and is up to par.
I checked the hoses and there does not seem to be any leaks/holes. No little stains/puddles in the driveway as well. He has had this problem before with the sensor and had it replaced.
He had brought the car to the dealership and they said it wasn't the sensor this time and would cost him over 900 bucks to be fixed!!!
So, any help/info would be greatly appreciated guys. THANKS IN ADVANCE!!!:biggrin:
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