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Emissions problem

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I have a 07 impala ss. It’s sputtering when at low speeds and on acceleration but when you give it the gas it don’t sputter while your gunning it. It’s throwing 3 codes, p0446, p0036 and p0420. I’ve replaced the vent control canister and also has the catalyst converter replaced and reset the engine light and it’s also hard to fill up with gas. It keeps shutting off like it’s full when you know it’s not so you have to pump gas really slow. Any ideas ? My next thought is the purge solenoid
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P0036 may be related to P0420.
Without 02 sensor operating properly, cat efficiency data can be off.

P0446 not venting properly can cause hard to fill up with gas.
Did you replace the purge valve solenoid (underhood) or the vent valve solenoid (lr)?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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