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ELECTRITIONS>>>MECHANICS>>>need more power for headlights for a chevy impala 2004?

i have a chevy implala. my headlights are decent, but not bright enough, i'm buying the 8000k xenon lights soon, but compairing my car to other impalas. their stock lights are a bit stronger,

so i was wondering if i can add a power relay or a transister somewhere along the circut to suck more power out of the battery and into the headlights.

thank you

p.s. i already rewired the lights so both high and low beam turn on at all time. and i added 2 projecters behind the grill.
might seem crazy but i do alot of night or early morning driving and i really needed.
thanks again

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Use the relay. Mount it under the hood near the battery and then run the headlamps through the relay. You will need 4 relays (2 for low beams {one per side} and 2 for high beams {again one per side} to get the best results. Bring the wire from the wire harness for the lamp (high or low beam) to the relay and put it on the post to turn on the relay, then run the relay load back to the lamp itself. You may want to go up in wire size to the lamp. Don't for get to fuse the wire from the battery to the relay. This system will come in handy if you do upgrade to the xenon or HID lamps.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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