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So my old PCM, a $EE took a dump. This is the normal PCM. So I got a replacement, however it's a rarer $EEb..

I can tell by this, as when I read the tune on the new one, it says cylinder size is 0, and injector size is like 600 pounds!! That's one of the ways to tell between the two..

Well, the tune on the new $EEb isn't correct for my engine, so it runs like trash, like this:

However, I was told NOT to flash my tune from the $EE on it as I'll run into problems and even possibly destroy the new PCM.

So, what do I do? To get the new PCM tuned, I'll be charged because it's a different "base"... I'd hate to lay down more money..

TunerPro doesn't seem to even support the $EEb yet.
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