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Question for anyone who may know...
I installed a touch screen radio, amps, different speakers and added subs and something called maestro. It’s a great sounding system and the maestro has some neat features. Included during installation was a h/o alternator and larger wires to support the new demand. It works great.
I changed
+alt to batt wire
+Batt to fuse box under hood
-alt to batt
-alt to body
-batt to body
-batt to aluminum engine cradle
And tied motor and cradle together.
The alternator has seemed sporadic at times but I wasn’t sure what’d be normal. It seems to want to charge around 15 or a bit over lately and this seems like cause for concern. I read that some guy w a vette had a similar problem and changed alternators to no avail. He ended up determining that the lead that plugs into the alternator and goes to the ecu was bad. Pics revealed somewhat burned up wires.
ive gone ahead and ordered one from gm as they’re the only ones who have them but out of curiosity I peeled off the loom and tape the cut this lead off to check continuity of the last part of wire toward the plug that goes into the alternator. It has continuity.
Anyone done wiring upgrades and changed alternator and had this problem or even better, anyone have some advice?
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