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So I had the guy on ebay rebuild my opti last year, and it died after only like 10 months

"berrington1' is his name

He said the issue with my old opti was "the high resolution pulse was missing".....
Caused by "a failure of the optical sensor or the associated internal electronics"

He sent me a new one with no charge, however it cost me a lot of money to finally get the issue diagnosed correctly, and repaired, not to mention like 2 months of the car either in the shop, or me not driving it because i didn't want to drive it while it was screwed up

But I wont know if the NEW one is ok for God knows how long, (I had to put in a cheap one till "berrington1" could get the rebuilt one back to me because I couldn't be without a working car any longer smh)

So just buyer beware with that ebay guy....."berrington1"

Btw, what do you guys think would cause "the high resolution pulse to be missing/ failure of the optical sensor or the associated internal electronics" on the first optispark he did for me?

Isn't that something he should/could have spotted/fixed before he sent it back to me?....
I mean i only drove with the first one he sent me for like 10 months before it died

But now i got a even more serious issue....I have a low compression cylinder/valve (90 psi)

Do you think the opti going bad could have caused the valve compression issue?

It was NOT having this issue before the opti went out

How long do you think I can keep driving the car like this before it gives out?

It's a 94 caprice Lt1 9c1 with like roughly 90k-100k miles on it, and the car DRIVES great, but it idles pretty damn rough

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