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I recently purchased a 66 Impala SS Convertible on Ebay, I was a little worried but Ebay stated that it qualified for buyer protection, the car is fixable but the seller totally lied. I set out for buyer protection doing all they stated I had to do costing me a few extra $$, by the time I was done with all the stuff I had to do I recieved a very nice automated email saying thank you for your concerns the vehicle does not qualify for buyer protection. What a joke they clearly stated in auction that it qualifies for buyer protection, and I wouldn't have purchased it without it. I just wanted to let everyone know, and to be careful on purchases there and my experience with buyer protection.

I also tried protection on paypal for the deposite sent after auction with no luck, The seller sent in that I waited 3 weeks to pay for the car gave him the run around blah blah blah more lies, I had the car a week after the auction from detroit 1650 miles impossible, also paid the next day by bank transfer, more lies from a shady seller.

Last but not least this seller is on and off selling cars, send me a PM and will give you his user name.
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