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The Houston Chapter of INC(Impalas N Caprices) invite you to join us for a Dyno/Dyno Tune Day with Bryan Herter. Bryan has agreed to come down and tune our vehicles. Here are the details:

Date and Time:
June 20th
Starts at 10am(possibly earlier)

Bryan told me that he needs a minimum of 7 people confirmed for him come down. If we have 7-9 people confirmed, the price of the dyno tune would be $300. Now, if we can get over 10 people confirmed, the price for the tune would be $250.

The company that has agreed to host the dyno is Advanced Racing Dynamics. They are located at 5023 Addicks Satsuma Rd. Suite BC&D
Houston, TX 77084
. They have agreed to offer us 2 pulls for $30. Now, I have to call them back in a few days to find out how much it would cost if we need more than 2 pulls. But, this price is firm. There will be no wideband tuning with this dyno.

Now, I would love to keep this event all Impalas, Caprices, Roadmasters, and Fleetwoods. But, if you have something that you want tuned or dynoed, bring it out. You are more than welcomed. There will be down time between tuning, so other vehicles can get dynoed during those times. Here is a list of the other vehicles they can tune: PCMforLess

I'm sure that if you don't want a dyno tune, but just have your car reprogrammed, Bryan can do that while he is here. Hopefully he will post and confirm this with a price.

I have sent Bryan a link directing him to this thread. So, if you have any questions that he can answer, just post it. Or, you can e-mail him directly at [email protected]. If you have a question or comment that I can answer about this event, just post it.

If we get way more than 12 people that want to confirm for the dyno tuning, we could turn this into a two day event. Bryan told me he is willing to come down a day earlier. It just depends on how many people sign up. So, let's get a list started:

1. dakingofhtx(Kendrick)
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